The Sirens of Titan

I went to see Bubble theatre’s production of ‘The Sirens of Titan’ in Oxleas woods last night. I’d never heard of this story before but I had seen other productions by Bubble in Oxleas woods. It was great, on arrival I got caught in a heavy downpour, typical british summer weather. However this didn’t deter me coming to see the show, nor did it stop the actors performing.

I met my friends in the bar and got myself a chair. The director made an announcement that the first scene would be done in the tent due to the rain. I had expected this to happen. We saw Eric Maclennan in photo above who was playing one of the main characters known as Malachi/unk. (He happened to also be friends with Helen and had performed in ‘Backwards’ with Station House Opera).

It was a good introduction into the story, making me think am I happy or am I happy cos I’ve been told to say so.

But this is the story telling technique of Bubble they like to get the audience to take part and interact. Also its promenade theatre too so you go on a journey with the actors. Which is what I was looking forward to once the rain stopped.

Not the most simple story to understand, but somehow they made it work and kept my attention. And great fun for the kids who came to see it too. They do family shows well!

We went to Mars, we took goofballs (actually they were toffees,yum.) to help us breathe through our intestines, we joined the army, hup tup fup fro (which Helen found quite satisfying to say), flew some flying saucers, got bitten on the head by some insect being in the woods, we carried our stools and rugs to each scene, another friend was quite taken by the mandolin player who also played character Stoney. We had an interval, so we could have a toilet break and drink, luckily the toilets were still open, however there was a large queue, being a woodlands there are always the bushes.

The night went on with music, singing, harmoniums, puppetry, zips that don’t do up, long beards, we even got a cup of hot chocolate which was a nice touch as it was getting cold, luckily I had brought an extra jumper.

The last scene was beautiful as you get a view on top of the world and ends with that in mind.

It was a great night out, my friends really enjoyed themselves. We had a quick chat with Eric at the end, which felt like we were his groupies.

A little soggy a bit chilly, but I was actually happy!

For more info on London Bubble Theatre:


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