Went to Liverpool on the weekend. Party town, Hen and Stag do central, full of wags wannabes, birth place of the Beatles and city of culture.

It certainly was. I arrived on Saturday night at Liverpool Lime street thinking I’m a little under dressed for a night out in Liverpool. I need to get an orange tan, super high heels, tiny little mini dress, fake lashes and peroxide hair.

Anyway dropped my stuff at the rented apartment in the centre of town. Which was really nice, the owners were really friendly wanting to know your life story and recommended a really good asian restaurant called Host on Hope street up by Liverpool Cathedral.

Now we wondered around Liverpool trying to decide where to go for a drink. There are loads of pubs, bars, clubs all in one area. Only they were one in the same, really full of youngsters all looking the same, very commercial and very drunk.

Somehow we managed to stumble on a bar that was on a slightly quieter street called Mello Mello.

We walked in and felt at home, as there was no fake orange tango on stilts in sight. There was a cool mirror on the wall which was framed with old china teacups and plates. Old sofas and second hand furniture, aged walls and worn wooden floor. Cool mix of people, maybe arty folk even. Someone taking photos. We got our drinks which were so cheap compared to London prices and sat on a sofa. Saw a band setting up listening to ambient music not girls aloud.

The band finally set up and it was loud but bloody brilliant. Electronic thrash metal by what looked like public school boys, totally rocking.

We discovered they were called Boann Trio and bought a cd. Here is their myspace:

After that we went back to the apartment. Me and my boyfriend had a good nights sleep considering the nightlife is right round the corner yet it was quiet. Except my friend Sarah got woken up by irish drunks shouting and wolf whistling girls at 5am below her window.

Anyway the next day we went to 59 Rodney street, a national trust house where a photographer called Edward Chambre Hardman lived.

You have to book as you get a guided tour. So we booked for 1pm. Before we went to the house we went to Liverpool Cathedral a neo gothic church which was designed by the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott who also designed the famous red phone boxes.

Inside the cathedral we discovered Tracey Emin had installed a pink neon light artwork reading ‘ I felt you. I know you loved me’.

What a beautiful church, huge and yet so welcoming. I recommend a visit:

Anyway back to photographer Hardman, the tour started on Pilgrim street and a bit of local history of buildings in surrounding area including cathedral. It was a lovely tour with different volunteers providing bits of information about the photographers life in a house that has been painstakingly cared for stuck back in time.

After the tour we went to look at a vintage shop full of curios and dust and smell of incense. Sarah was thinking about buying a cardigan but decided not to in the end. She had already bought a gorgeous light green leather satchel so very in vogue now.

Liverpool has got a lot going on actually, definitely coming back for another visit.


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