Roller Disco

I just wanted to mention I went to roller disco in Vauxhall at the ‘Renaissance Rooms’ last Thursday. If anyone has ever been it is roller fun. I haven’t been skating for goodness how long in fact since Helen had her birthday party there. I fell over 2 times back then but I was going very fast and there were loads of people.

However I managed to keep my balance this time. It is a wonder how people keep their balance and do really fancy dance moves at the same time. Also you really have to have strong ankles as those skates weigh a ton.

The renaissance rooms are two rooms packed with people of all abilities and there are people on hand to help pick you up or give you a quick lesson. The main room was my favourite as it was more fun and played more lighter disco music. The room up the steps was more for the hardcore skaters who want to show off their skills, doing skate offs.

Go on have a go if you dare:

I have a video to show eventually of my friends and me going round in a circle.


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