Deptford X

Just have to mention Deptford X art festival. I just had a quick look on Saturday not intentionally as I was only popping by the Flea market in search of a tea trolley. Only didn’t find one, the closest thing I could find were just the gold trays for only 50p but needed the rest of the trolley too. Also was hoping to get some storage boxes from the pound shops but again the particular one I wanted to get didn’t have lids as they didn’t get delivered.

Feeling the trip there was a bit disappointing, found out Deptford X was on. Popped into the Bearspace, where there was a tour about to start, but I hadn’t booked, so didn’t go. But there was tea and cake available for free and an exhibition to look at.

Went along to Gallop, there were two monitors on display in the window showing random images from the internet. There was a photo on a wall of a cafe across the road. A rickshaw went past which had poster with text by Mark Titchner. I picked up a leaflet, for the event. I noticed my friend Sophie Hope was doing a project getting a local estate to say No, and to be rebels. She has a studio near ‘the deptford project’ which is also known as the train carriage cafe. I walked into a rather awful poopy disgusting installation at Sophie’s studio, which made me laugh but somehow I would think that would be the kind of reaction the artist wanted.

The funnest part of the deptford x festival was there was a barn dance with live music and farm animals next to the train cafe. I sat on a bale of hay under the pink umbrellas and a band played. Some older ladies with cowboy hats were sitting down I wandered when they were going to dance. They all got up and started a line dance and then others joined in. The lead lady started to teach a few line dances then some barn dances. Of course I joined in.

Unfortunately it began to pour with rain so the band had to stop as they were not sheltered at all. So a Dj had to take over. It was really lovely as people joined in and had such fun. It was a bit difficult to dance on gravel with drips of rain falling down but we got into it.

I think Deptford is such a rich mix of cultures plonked together, I hope it stays like that and maintains its character. That it doesn’t turn into what spitalfields has become. Its one of the things I love about London.

I’m not sure about the quality of the art exhibited during the festival, but it has potential to be really interesting. I like the surprises and interactive moments of the festival. How the locals get involved and how the art is weaved into the surroundings and community.

Another plus of the day I found a vintage dress in a charity shop which was quite simple by design with a bargain price of £3.50 and bought it with my friend Sarah in mind to wear it.

I wish days were like this more often.


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  1. Sarah

    I wish the dress would fit me. You got a bargain there!

    It was interesting reading about your Deptford trip. I particularly like the photos of the barn dance, they really sum up the vibrancy of Deptford.

    Sarah xx

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