Stuart Silver

I went to see Stuart Silver perform ‘You look Like Ants’ at Soho theatre on Saturday 30th October.

I went along with friends who are good friends of Stuart’s.

I first saw him perform in a show I was also partaking which my friend John and Helen curated in Sydenham Hill woods. And was really interested to see how this piece compared although two totally different performances.

Stuart kept this piece very simple visually but much more complex in its language. He plays the ukelele beautifully, repetition and double meanings are key. For me it was too quick witted or maybe a little too dry for me as I didn’t get the humour straight away. Some guy in the front row was absolutely laughing their head off. They couldn’t get enough of it.

Although maybe I needed to see it again if I was not so intense and knackered from too much partying!

It was generally a white middle class guardian reader, radio 4 listeners crowd watching the show. Might of been the only ethnic minority there, not that, that should matter.

Stuart is brilliant and clever. His intensity on stage gives him great presence, and charms you on a journey of some kind into his mind.

When he was in the woods, he convinces you to follow him up the garden path thinking you were going one way and then it twists and turns into something else you thought you were following. Incredibly intelligent.

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