Snowtastic Zulu Zine Symposium

This is the venue Utrophia in the snow

On 18th December there was a sudden snow storm which covered parts of london in at least 4 inches of snow. So the next day was going to be the zine event in Deptford’s Utrophia organised by Joey Prendergast.

However that didn’t stop it happening which shows how dedicated zine followers can be. Woo Hoo!!

It was a pretty cool affair, some excellent artwork was made and displayed in the fridge temperature venue. There was an impressive eclectic mix of prints hanging on bamboo for the ‘Big Issue’ auction. Some OHP drawing action in the corner, mask painting, zine selling, an excellent array of christmas jumpers worn by fellow zinesters and some dj spinning zulu inspired tunes.

Teas were made round the back in make shift bar, cups were cleaned in a room upstairs which was the warmest place in the whole building with a rather fabulous wood burning fire.

I also had my own stall selling a few bits and pieces. unfortunately my friend Amanda Smith was unable to come  to sell her beautiful prints due to the heavy snow in Carshalton Beeches. So I had to go it alone.

I got to chat to Nick White and Jimi Gherkin of Alternative Press who had stalls either side of me.

Who were both very interesting and had some impressive work on display.

I also discovered Joey Prendergast is in a band called Tubelord.

And of course there was a Print auction!! This was definitely the highlight of the event, with some real bargains to be had. My print fetched the grand total of £1 which was purchased by my boyfriend. I think the prints that sold the most were in the £8 region. I bought a print for £1.50 which was bid between myself and another girl. It was a good show and I’m sure there was tidy sum raised for the Big Issue!

Anyway I had a jolly time and sold a few things. Some good friends of mine braved the snow and managed to come and see me. Which made my day! It was SNOWTASTIC!!


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