Welcome to Just For You!

We are a collective of people from all over the place, brought together by Wei Yee Cheung.

The Zine asks 10 people, 10 questions and to contribute a a piece of text or image to represent themselves.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background.

2. What is your favourite day of the week and why?

3. What do you do to kill time?

4. What is your latest obsession?

5. What would be a special treat for you?

6. What do you love and hate about London?

7. What inspires you?

8. What song are you listening to at the moment?

9. What is your favourite food?

10. What can’t you live without?

1o people in the first edition are: Connie Bell, Sarah Holt, Helena Laczko, Kate Lovell, Helen Morse Palmer, Kirin Saeed, Anna Siemaszko, Amanda Smith, Frankie V and Boyd Wardell.

Only 10 copies are handmade to sell although each person interviewed also get a copy to keep.

The Zine will be sold at cost price and not for profit.

The aim of the Zine  is to give something back to the  people I know or have met who have a talent or interest to share.

The first edition will include a surprise free gift, which will be different in each Zine.

The production will happen randomly throughout the year and be notified and updated in this Blog.

The Blog aims to inform readers about interesting events, shows linked to the people  featured in the Zine.

Enjoy looking and reading!


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