Zulu Christmas Zine Symposium

I am taking part in this event on Sunday 19th December, so come along if you are free! At Utrophia or the Ice cream Factory on Tanners Hill in Deptford from 12pm to 8pm. I will be selling ‘Just for you zine’, tea-bird brooches, tea-bird biscuits, limited editon cards and animal drawings. Also I will be accompanied by Amanda Smith who will be selling limited edition prints.

I will donate this print to be auctioned for the Big Issue:

This is the blog that I’m contributing in conjunction with event: http://beargamitwelve.blogspot.com/

For more information about the venue: http://www.utrophia.net/home


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Stuart Silver

I went to see Stuart Silver perform ‘You look Like Ants’ at Soho theatre on Saturday 30th October.

I went along with friends who are good friends of Stuart’s.

I first saw him perform in a show I was also partaking which my friend John and Helen curated in Sydenham Hill woods. And was really interested to see how this piece compared although two totally different performances.

Stuart kept this piece very simple visually but much more complex in its language. He plays the ukelele beautifully, repetition and double meanings are key. For me it was too quick witted or maybe a little too dry for me as I didn’t get the humour straight away. Some guy in the front row was absolutely laughing their head off. They couldn’t get enough of it.

Although maybe I needed to see it again if I was not so intense and knackered from too much partying!

It was generally a white middle class guardian reader, radio 4 listeners crowd watching the show. Might of been the only ethnic minority there, not that, that should matter.

Stuart is brilliant and clever. His intensity on stage gives him great presence, and charms you on a journey of some kind into his mind.

When he was in the woods, he convinces you to follow him up the garden path thinking you were going one way and then it twists and turns into something else you thought you were following. Incredibly intelligent.

For more info: http://www.astuartsilver.com/youlooklikeants.html

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The Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything was my favorite exhibition from last year and this year it was pretty good too. Only this time it was a collection of stuff owned by Peter Blake. He makes me feel ok about the amount of stuff I have between me and my partner who likes to collect things too. I just don’t have the money or space to display it all as Peter Blake does being a world famous artist.

Maybe I should write a blog about my partners stuff?

Anyway the show held its own. It began with images of circus freaks or what’s the pc description, physically challenged people who performed at the circus. Through to Carter’s steam fair painted coconut shys and other fairground attractions. Then onto the Potter’s museum of taxidermy animals in scenes based on nursery rhymes and stories such as ‘the house that Jack built’.

There was also a mini Funfair which lit up, spun and whizzed every half hour. Made by a retired man who collected bits and pieces over years and putting it together in his garage, then finally selling it in auction to Peter Blake.

Maybe the Museum of Everything could focus on unusual collections of stuff?

Or Hobbyists and fanzine memorabilia like Elvis, crisp packets, train sets, match stick buildings, painting by numbers?

Anyway, it was quite a pleasant afternoon. I recommend it although I did prefer the first Museum of Everything show. There was just enough to keep me interested. Catch the show before it ends on 23rd December 2010. And going to Primrose Hill and Camden is also fun.

There are talks and screenings happening on the weekends, check the website for info: http://www.museumofeverything.com/


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Flatfoot Johnny

Just thought to mention Flatfoot Johnny  makes homemade Banjos and ukeleles from unusual materials, such as vintage biscuit tins and gourds. He also sells them, which would make the perfect christmas present for any banjo enthusiast!

Watch John on ‘This Morning’ doing some jive dancing while sporting a suit from Burtons as a fashion feature.

This morning dancing and fashionable

Email for more info: flatfootjohnny@hotmail.com

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Zine 2

Here is an exclusive sneek preview of what the front cover looks like of Zine 2 designed by me. Its a Couples edition. I have interviewed 5 couples (10 people) with 10 questions, asking them to not let each other know how they answered. Included with each interview they had to also choose an image that represented themselves as individuals, and as a couple.

Being the couples edition I have also asked my partner to design the zine too.

The 10 questions were:

1. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.

2. What have you not tried to do, but would definately want to try one day?

3. What is a typical day like for you?

4. What keeps you going and staying in tune?

5. What’s your favourite film?

6. Describe a date you’ve been on together?

7. Three words that describe your partner.

8. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever had?

9. Where would you like to escape to?

10. What is your most prized possession?

The lucky couples who took part were: Sally Child and Constantine Koritsas, Lucy May Bentley and Jon Paul Winters, Jessica Nott and Matthew Farrand, John Deller and Rachel Auld, Claudia Bentley and William Cooper.

Each Zine will contain a free handmade gift which has a couples theme. And each person who takes part will get a special edition of their very own copy of the zine. 10 copies will be made to be sold at cost price as its non-profit making.

Will let you know when it will be made available.

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Alternative Press

I’m gonna go here tomorrow. I had planned to sell Zine 2, only I have had to push it back due to various reasons. I have not been able to get it printed, but will do eventually.

However I will still go to this event. I will sell the last copies of Zine 1 and some drawings on the communal table. Also I have some overdue entries to write up on my blog of previous events I’ve been to.

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The Drumachine


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